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What Should a Beginner Guitarist Practice?

Most people who are new to the idea of playing guitar and are interested in learning are likely to wonder what they’ll need to know in order to start making their own music. While there can be a variety of elements that go into learning an instrument, there are certainly a few things that can be great for a beginner musician to understand if they want to get the best possible start. Here are some of the things that can be vital to a beginner’s learning process.

Understanding the basic chords

There may be quite a few different chords, but from learning just the standard ones, you could go far with your music potential and growth as a guitarist. C – A – G – E – D – Am – Dm – Em are the 8 ones that you should definitely consider getting the hang of if you’re starting out.

Practice switching from one chord to another fluently

As you start to play and understand the different chords you use, it can be worthwhile to also get some practice in changing from one to the next with ease. As you get going, you may find that you are a bit slow, since you’ll often have to focus on each sound you make. As you get to grips with your guitar and the chords, you’ll get the hang of it – but it’s certainly worth putting some effort into building muscle memory if you want to play.

Read guitar tabs instead of learning standard music notation

A lot of the time, people will go straight into learning the ordinary music notation and while there’s nothing wrong with understanding sheet music, it can often be far better for a beginner to get started with guitar tabs instead.

Learn how to play a few easy tunes

When you have an idea of how to read notes and the different chords that you can play, you might want to begin trying out some music. Simply picking up your guitar and strumming a few mindless tunes be a great part of the learning process, as it will give you a chance to better understand the chords, remember what sounds they make, and even just begin exploring your musical creativity.

Practice recreating actual songs

A step up from simple melodies could be actual songs. Playing along to familiar music can encourage you to attempt something more advanced, but for those just starting out, perhaps try looking at a few songs that are simple enough for a beginner to play. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, all in all the practice itself can be incredibly valuable to your overall learning journey.

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