Ricante Everything Sauce Adds Pizzazz To Our Meals

I follow a plant based diet and for some reason many people think that means my food options are limited and bland.  Far from it!  In fact I am sure my current diet is far more interesting than anything I ever ate before being plant based!

Today I am bringing you Ricante’s Everything Sauce!  Ricante Sauce is everything you want in a sauce!  This sauce has bold flavor, crisp accents of fresh fruits and vegetables, no sugar or salt added, and just the right amount of approachable spice that leaves you wanting more.

Handcrafted amongst the ripest and most flavorful produce in Costa Rica, Ricante is hell bent on starting a flavor revolution! Health conscious sauce savants can rejoice! Ricante is not only Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Keto Friendly, but Whole30 approved! Ricante launched with 5 incredibly unique hot sauces, marrying non traditional essences like apples, mangos, carrots and habaneros. They have recently launched 4 versions of Everything Sauce that can quite literally be poured on everything. Exclusive to Whole Foods, Ricante’s Everything Sauces are a thicker, heartier blend of lush fruits and veggies, a little heat and a lot of party in your mouth.

Today I will bring you two recipes that I absolutely love.  I will first say that these sauces complement meats very well but since I don’t eat meat I will share some veggie options.

Spicy mango broccoli with Ricante’s Tropical Mango Coco Everything Sauce!  This is a very spicy sauce (at least I think so).

I sprinkled this sauce on top of my broccoli, added water, covered the pan and roasted for about a half hour on 350.  The result was an amazing blend of broccoli and spicy mango flavor!

Next I made roasted cabbage – if you have never had roasted cabbage you should give it a try.  When roasted properly the texture becomes very similar to that of a bloomin’ onion.  If you don’t roast it long enough it still tastes and feels very cabbage like.

For this roasted cabbage I layered Ricante’s Tropical Pineapple Everything Sauce on the bottom of a cookie sheet.  Then I sliced cabbage into “steaks” and laid on top.  In a separate bowl I mixed some of this sauce with a bit of olive oil and brushed over the top of the cabbage steaks.  Bake for 20 minutes on 375 then flip over trying to keep them from unraveling as much as possible.  I am never successful with the flipping but who cares – it tastes perfect no matter what.  Once flipped brush on more olive oil and bake for another 20 minutes.

OMG these cabbage steaks are amazing.  They can be eaten as is or with sour cream (plant based sour cream for me) with a side of rice!

Ricante Sauces are also available on Amazon!

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