5 Things To Know Before Buying a Real Estate in The Philippines

Are you looking for a viable place to buy real estate? Look no further; The Philippines has got you covered. Ever since the Philippines real estate earned the world’s respect for its resilience during the global economic meltdown, investors from every corner of the globe have been scrambling to get a stake in the flourishing market.

Buying real estate in the Philippines requires a comprehensive insight into the market’s workings. You can learn more when you contact AXE Real Estate. Furthermore, this article takes you through the essential things you need to know about buying Real estate in The Philippines. You can contact us to learn more about real estate in the Philippines.

  1. Get knowledge of Real Estate in The Philippines: First things first, buying real estate means understanding the conditions that come with it. In the Philippines, there are a series of laws, rules, and regulations that guide real estate buying and selling. As a foreigner, you cannot own land. However, you can lease land and even own a condominium unit.
  2. Location: The Philippines is a vast country. Therefore, one particular consideration you cannot overlook is the location. When selecting your choice location, you must answer some key questions. Do you prefer the city life? Or are you more comfortable being far away from the whole rush that comes with city life? Also, cities like Davao, Manila are highly populated and have facilities in abundance. However, AXE real estate offers you a guide through the Philippines on its site.
  3. Choose what you want: This is a phase where you must make a choice. As a prospective real estate owner in the Philippines, you must decide what property you want. If you are working in the city, a condominium is your best option. Condos have facilities like gyms, swimming pools, and so on. Furthermore, you only pay maintenance fees with other members. However, you should know the owner of a condo mustn’t be beyond 50 years, which differs when you buy a home as you have all the benefits.
  4. Who you deal with: Here, three categories of people – the developer, agent, and owner – will be studied. It is most likely that in buying real estate, you will encounter all of them. Buying from a developer means you are getting brand new properties. On the other hand, agents are master negotiators. They serve as links between buyers and owners. If you seek a more direct channel, you should consult the owners. With that, you don’t have to pay the price intended for a middle-man.
  5. Financing: Buying a good piece of real estate requires a lot of money. There are different categories, namely, in-house financing, PAG-IBIG, and bank financing. If you are applying for a loan, prepare all your documents like the employment certificate, loan application form, and other documentation. For many, the PAG-IBIG is a more viable option due to the reduced monthly amortization. Banks, on the other hand, have reduced interest rates.


On a final note, buying real estate in the Philippines is not an arduous task. In most instances, it requires that you have an understanding of how the market works. You also need to have a good knowledge of the laws, locations, and available financing options. Visit AXE Real Estate’s website to ease your real estate quest.

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