The Best Hats To Go Golfing With

If you are an avid golfer or want to start getting involved in the sport, then you’ve probably started spending more time in the golf course and under the hot sun. Moreover, this newfound interest in the sport will mean that you also aim to dress appropriately for the golf course. In other words, this means buying the proper golfing attire. This often also includes purchasing some wholesale caps for sun protection. And while most people may think picking golf hats are simple and straightforward, they couldn’t be more wrong. This is because the right choice will not only effectively protect you from the sun, but it will also show off your personality and approach for golfing. So, let’s quickly dive into some of the most popular hat styles many people enjoy wearing to the course that may also suit you best.[ wholesale bucket hats]

Baseball Cap

If you aren’t too fussy when it comes to fashion and want something practical and functional, then this is the right hat for you. These hats will fit comfortably over your head and effectively protect you from sun rays while teeing off. This is very important, especially when you are about to make those very important golf swings. It also offers a somewhat classic style that many golf professionals like Tiger Woods carry.

Most of these caps also come in plain colors and designs, so you don’t have to spend too much time trying to decide what to wear. You can easily purchase a few bulk varieties, such s white, black, red, blue, etc., to help match your golf polo shirts. However, you can also always order custom ball caps with your logo or personalized designs. This way, even when people see you wearing these caps, they can compare you to the professionals who also have their own trademark caps.

Visor Hats

If you want sun protection but prefer to keep the top of your head uncovered, you can always purchase a head visor instead of a baseball cap. And while they are both effective at keeping the sun from your eyes while teeing off, most people prefer thee over caps for several reasons. However, the main reason is that since they don’t have top coverings, you don’t end up sweating too much, especially after being out in the hot sun for so long.[ trucker hats wholesale]

However, the only issue with this particular option is that they tend to be associated with the more elderly golfers. As such, wearing one may make you look a bit older than your years. But some young adults have begun wearing them and are slowly turning them into a fashion statement. Moreover, unlike baseball caps, these caps tend to only come in solid hues and colors. This means your options for styling while on the green will be limited.

Bucket Hat

These hats used to be used by fishermen in the early 90s, but they steadily found their way into everyday casual streetwear as the decades went by. These days, many pros and even amateur golfers have started ordering wholesale bucket hats as they are now a popular golfing staple. The reason is that they do well to completely shade one’s face from the sun because of their wide brims. This makes them a good choice for those who prefer to prioritize sun protection when golfing out in the hot sun all day. Additionally, these hats come in a variety of colors and patterns. This makes them a versatile option when trying to stay fashionable, even while on the golf course. So if you also want to stand out while teeing off in the sun, then you can easily spice things up with a bucket hat that features some unique designs.


If you prefer to go golfing dressed in casual attire, then a beanie is well-suited to do the job just fine. However, it is best suited to be worn during the colder winter months, rather than in the hot, sweaty summer. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t rock it in the hot season. If you consider yourself bold and daring, wearing this will make for a fashion statement like no other. [wholesale trucker hats]

Moreover, this hat is often worn by the younger generation. However, even some of the older folk have been seen wearing these from time to time. One of the main reasons is that they can do well to keep you from catching a head cold, especially if the golf course is rather windy. In terms of style, these hats come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. So you can opt for more subtle hues like black, white, and brown. Or you can opt to be more daring and choose brighter colors like red, instead.


In summary, these are only some of the many options you can take to the golf course. They are stylish and will also do well to keep the sun away from your face. So, if you feel one of these popular styles is appealing to you, then why not make that purchase?

The golf course is waiting for you!

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