Blue Light Glasses: A Remedy For Straining Eyes
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Blue Light Glasses: A Remedy For Straining Eyes

Authored by Athena Nagel

In today’s world, everything is on computers and mobiles. No doubt that people wake up to their phones and sleep, bidding goodbye to them. Though it is a fact that digital working has become the new normal, one cannot turn a blind eye to the ill effects it causes. That is why insomnia and eye defects are common now without causing much surprise. In Australia, nearly nine out of ten individuals own a smartphone. So, it is now preferable to switch to buying blue light glasses in Australia.

Experts say that mobile and desktop screens emit blue light. Experts say that this blue light can cause sleep deprivation. That is, exposure to blue light can disrupt sleep and also keeps away from it. It is a stimulating light, and constant exposure can disturb the sleeping cycle. Breaks are essential during screen time, but it is not practical every time. The human eye cannot block these blue rays and, about 99% of them enter the cornea and reach the retina. Another study says that too much penetration into the retina can damage the light-sensitive cells.

What are blue light glasses?

These glasses have specialised lenses that can proactively block the blue light from the screen entering the eyes. That is why they are also called Blue light blocking glasses. Each colour of light has a different wavelength, and that is why they have got colours. Thus, these glasses will filter out the wavelength corresponding to blue light. Another benefit of blue light glasses in Australia is that they can also diminish digital strain and help to maintain overall health.

Why does one need to switch to blue light glasses?

People in Australia spend a minimum of three hours on their mobiles on average. The pandemic is now an interfering factor making the figures see a rise. Thus, blue light glasses in Australia are becoming popular among the public.

Several benefits using a blue light filter glass would offer are,

1.Prevents eye degeneration for shift workers

Research says that screen time during late nights can increase the risk of insomnia and eye strain. But what about shift workers who only start working early in the evening? Such people have no other option other than staring deep into their screens late at night. Blocking the blue light emission can be the only solution, and blue light glasses come to their rescue!

2.Puts down levels of eye discomfort

Eye discomfort isn’t just a simple medical condition like many think. Using these devices for extended periods can cause computer vision syndrome. It can lead to eye-related problems like blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and itching. It is a common problem seen in gamers who love gaming for hours together. Though regular intervals can help in such cases, blue light blocking is an effective solution. Thus, blue light filter glasses can put away digital vision syndromes.

3.Reduces risk of blindness issues

Blue lights are not too dangerous, leading to blindness, but they can cause certain conditions that increase the risk of future blindness. One such notable condition is AMD, Age-related Macular degeneration. Old age can likely cause vision-related problems that leave one with partial or complete blindness. AMD is one such condition that is the leading cause of blindness. But switching to blue light glasses can help prevent this condition or even delay the occurrence of AMD. Thus, it indeed limits blindness conditions in elders.

So, blocking blue light from entering the eye’s retina is positively beneficial to health than many understand! Therefore, switching to blue light glasses is a sensible idea.

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