The Best Exercise Underwear for Men, According to Fitness Experts

Are you sick and tired of the same old, worn-out underwear that you’ve always worn?

Well if you can relate (and gents, we know you can because I’ve been in the same boat!), then today’s article is for you.

Keep reading and join me as I sit down with two extremely different fitness experts and pick their brains around the best exercise underwear options for men.

Let’s jump right into the chat!

Fitness Experts Weigh in on the Men’s Underwear Scene

First up, I sat down with qualified personal trainer and self-confessed fitness nut, Nat Headley.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I organized this zoom chat over social media.

Proudly sporting Goku from Dragonball Z as his profile picture, I was coming in blind but Nat was literally a walking, talking cliche.

Sat on his couch in a sleeveless shirt with biceps the size of tree trunks, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

“I’m going to give you the two best pieces of advice you’ve ever received,” Nat confidently exclaimed as he clapped his hands and leaned forward.

“Number 1, long-legged boxers.  When you have thighs the size of these, chafe may as well be a death sentence.”

“Number 2, sweat-wicking material.  No matter how light you think your day is, choose a material that wicks sweat away such as bamboo over cotton, every single time.”

The passion in Nate’s voice screamed that he was talking from experience.

Just as I went to ask the next question our chat was cut short by an alarm on Nat’s phone.

“Gym time.”

“Print my advice, it’s all men need,” said Nate, and just like that the chat had ended.

Hilarious, but you certainly can’t say that the message wasn’t received loud and clear.

The next call I had set up, was with a semi-professional footballer from Atlanta named Gabriel Tracey.

Gabriel’s setup and entire vibe couldn’t have been more different from Nat’s.

Again conducting the interview over Zoom made things a little bit harder, but Gabriel was relaxation personified.

Set up in his kitchen while he prepared a meal for his family, we started things off by talking about materials.

“Cotton underwear?”, blurted Gabriel as he laughed at the question like it was the most ridiculous thing he’d heard today.

I can’t say I was shocked when I got the exact same response as Nate.

“There’s only one choice here for active men and that’s bamboo underwear,” said Gabriel.

“While the bamboo over cotton underwear should be a non-negotiable for men in 2021, the style or cut is completely down to personal choice,” added Gabriel.

From here, Gabriel and I chatted casually about his season and fitness goals.

My biggest takeaway was just how different athletic fitness is to gym fitness, but when it comes to underwear, the issues are all the same.

“I just want to give a final shout out to my friends over at for developing the best adjustable support pouch system that not only keeps my boys supported, but doesn’t chafe.”

When it comes to finding the best exercise underwear for men, I think the choice is pretty clear cut.

Lads, it’s time to upgrade.

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