Where to Find Kerosene Gas Stations and How to Get Great Deals

Where to Find Kerosene Gas Stations and How to Get Great Deals

Kerosene is popularly used as jet fuel or for industrial purposes. However, the most commonly used type, 1-K, is still preferred by people for their daily domestic purposes.

The paraffin oil is readily available for purchase in any hardware store near you. But if you are looking for good deals, then kerosene gas stations should be your go-to option.

An estimated 500 million households use kerosene for lighting globally. Besides home, kerosene is even used as a cleaning solvent for greasy surfaces. Gas stations are considered ideal for getting kerosene at the cheapest deal.

Speedway, ARCO, Citgo are a few gas stations that offer this fuel at a lower rate today. Here are a few places that sell kerosene at a surprisingly lower price than regular stores.



To start with, ARCO has around 1300 gas stations that sell kerosene. They are the most well-known kerosene gas stations that offer fuel at a reasonable price.

However, not all locations offer kerosene, and hence you need to reach out to the specific pump to confirm the availability.

Family Express

It is yet another location to get hands-on your daily kerosene requirement at a more down price. It has over 70 gas stations that offer this deal, and you can save tons of money on your fuel needs.


It has around 25,000 gas stations across the US that serve people with kerosene at a lower price range. It is easier to locate a Shell, but not all of them may have the service for kerosene.

To that end, it is always better to reach out to the gas station personally and enquire about the availability.


It has close to 3900 gas stations that offer kerosene services in a few of its locations. With the help of its locator page, you can track the specific kerosene gas station where you can acquire the service at the desired price.


With around 5000 gas stations, Citgo has a gas station that offers kerosene for only $-5 per gallon. Located in over 30 states, Citgo stations deliver top-notch quality kerosene to their customers.


It is located in around 5000 locations and offers the cheapest kerosene for household and commercial purposes. The price of the kerosene ranges about $-4 per gallon.

Furthermore, not all Sunoco branches market kerosene, but you can attain the required information through the company website and visit accordingly.

Road Ranger

Road ranger has around 40 outlets in different locations, including Illinois, Texas. They offer kerosene service at competitive prices for their customers.

Additionally, you can even reach out to the desired gas station near your area to get better clarity on its sale.

Go-Mart and Walmart

Even in outlets like Walmart, Home Depot, or Go-Mart, you are likely to get hands-on kerosene. Go-Mart has roughly 100 gas stations and stores across the country.

However, places like Walmart and Menards may sell kerosene at a much higher rate than other gas stations.

Wrapping Up

There are maybe several gas stations near you, but it is always an excellent option to call them and confirm the availability of kerosene.

Since many well-known gas stations offer kerosene, it is vital to double-check if they serve near your area.

Also, you can even inquire with them regarding the price of kerosene per gallon and compare it with other options to get a more profitable deal.

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