Ways to Lose Weight When You're Stuck on Your Diet
Weight Loss

Ways to Lose Weight When You’re Stuck on Your Diet

When you intend to lose weight seriously, based on healthy habits and not with crazy diets (that bounce, bounce and explode in your belly), the drop is almost never linear. The usual thing is that at the beginning you lose kilos with some ease but, when you reach a limit, a stagnation occurs that can be very frustrating.

It is what is known as the plateau. Which is annoying, yes, but it happens to all of us. And there are ways to get out of that stage faster.

The basic reason why it costs more to lose weight when you are already thinner is that your metabolism starts to slow down, so you have to rebalance the balance between consuming calories and burning them. To put it in numbers, when your weight drops 5 to 10 percent, your metabolism speed drops about 15 percent. And that’s why those last few kilos that you want to lose are so resistant. Let’s go with a few tips to not get stuck at all.

Weight loss

Eat Enough Protein

Your metabolism slows down because, having already lost weight, your body does not require the same level of energy. That equation is very different when what you lose is fat and not muscle; if you maintain your muscle mass, you will continue to burn calories. So the goal is to preserve muscle, whose ‘food’ is protein. Do not think only of tuna and steaks, there are many alternatives.

Control Portions

It’s a pain to go around counting the calories of each meal, but the truth is that when you only lack a few kilos to reach your goal, you have to be more meticulous. Be careful with that handful of peanuts, with those appetizing olives… It’s also time to control the number of portions and be firm when it comes to serving yourself: If what you get as a side dish is a baked potato, don’t eat two, nor look for that mutant potato of almost a kilo to cheat the solitaire.

Spatz Gastric Balloon

With the Spatz Medical system, the balloon volume can be raised, when needed, to help prevent weight regain and achieve industry-leading weight loss results.

About a third of your stomach area is taken up by the Spatz3 gastric balloon. Your stomach’s capacity to hold food will be lowered by the balloon. The balloon will also enable you to keep food in your stomach for longer since your stomach will empty more slowly. When these two aspects of treatment work together, they encourage smaller portions of food.

Understanding the “signals” that your stomach sends you is the second component of Spatz3 behavior modification. An example would be burping. Burping can sometimes be due to too many carbonated beverages, but they are actually away your stomach is communicating with you. A stomach that feels full, bloated, gassy, and pressure is letting you know that it is in discomfort by sending you these symptoms.

Even though these discomforts may not be pleasing to you, they are a blessing in disguise, as they let you know whether you ate too many calories or too much of a certain type of food. Through working with a team of professional dieticians, you can better identify these “signals” and create healthier eating habits.

Don’t Overestimate The Power Of Exercise

Surely it has happened to you and you haven’t even noticed: as soon as you start doing more sports, there is a kind of rebound effect that consists of lowering the level of other activities. We express it with a clear image. Who hasn’t spread out on the couch to do a marathon set after hitting the gym?

That almost unconscious feeling tells you that since you’ve already done your exercise, you deserve to rest because you’ve done enough. But the reality is that it is much more effective to stay active after playing sports. Another clear example: if you’ve been to the gym, come home at a good pace, go up the stairs… That keeps your metabolism high.

The Right Fuel

Another classic: You hit a big belly in the gym and come home wanting to eat a cow. Solutions? Eat something light before training so you don’t arrive hungrily, even if it’s an apple and some nuts (natural, obviously).

Also, try to fit mealtimes well. If, for example, you go to the gym in the middle of the afternoon and finish a couple of hours before dinner, kill the bug with something healthy (preferably with protein) but do not binge twice in a row.

Be Persistent With Exercise

In the critical moment we are describing, everything counts, including that gym session you usually skip when any other plan comes to mind. Those final pounds require extra effort, so the keyword is perseverance.

It’s also the time to get the most out of exercise. Therefore, be more scrupulous than ever when it comes to doing your boards correctly and keeping your energy high in any sporting field. Somehow it’s time to ‘professionalize’ your sports experience more, so if you need it, turn to experts, to more exhaustive tutorials. And try to beat your limits, to improve your marks.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

We come to one of the points that can be most annoying. Those straws, those glasses of wine, that gin and tonic after a summer dinner. We’re not saying that you should completely eliminate it, but you are aware that it is a double enemy for losing weight: on the one hand, alcoholic beverages have enough calories – let alone sugary cocktails – but they also encourage you to eat more. At a meal where some diners had an alcoholic drink and others a non-alcoholic drink (without knowing it), the non-alcoholic ate ​​30 percent less.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Healthy Food

Another trap we often fall into is assuming that healthy foods have fewer calories, so we give ourselves free rein to eat them like there is no tomorrow. A clear example: nuts are (and are) very tasty, but if you spend the day snacking on walnuts and almonds you can raise your calorie intake well above the levels you have set for yourself. The same goes for cereals rich in fiber, with avocado, with dried fruit, with coconut. Are they healthy? Yes, but if you’re focused on shedding those last few pounds, you’ll need to eat them very sparingly.

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