Tips to Choose a Sport Band That Will Suit Your Apple Watch

apple watch band

Authored by Athena Nagel

A smartwatch has become an essential gadget for today’s generation. It extends the functionality of your smartphone that can prove beneficial in many ways. However, unlike Android smartphones, you have limited options when choosing a smartwatch for iPhone. The Apple Watch is the best companion for your iPhone. However, many iPhone users do not like the default watch straps offered by Apple.

Staying in style can do wonders for your personality. Whether it is wearing a dress, a wristwatch, a piece of jewelry, jewelry, or a sports band, these things help you set a style statement. Here are a few suggestions and tips for selecting a sports band that will suit your Apple Watch.

apple watch band

Made of Breathable Material

The Apple Watch has several fitness features like activity tracking, workout tracking, heart rate, and health monitoring. Most Apple Watch users wear these smartwatches all day, including trips to the gym or morning or evening running sessions.

People use sweat-absorbing wrist bands while running, playing tennis, or gym sessions. These sweatbands prevent sweat from sliding from wrists to hands.

The Apple Watch sport loop is made of breathable nylon, which reduces sweating of the wrists. It allows the user to wear the Apple Watch comfortably, even during gym sessions.


An apple watch weighs around 47.1 Gms. You need to look for a sports band that is lightweight. If the sports band is made of heavy material, you might experience discomfort while wearing the watch. Look for a sports band made of lightweight material like nylon built strong to hold the Apple Watch in its place.

Hand Washable

If you are wearing the Apple Watch all the time, it is bound to attract dirt from the atmosphere. The result is the watch, and the sports band will become dirt magnets.

While you can wipe the Apple Watch with a special-formulated cleaning solution, you cannot do the same with your sports band. The Apple Watch sport loop is made of washable material. It means you can separate the Apple Watch from the sports band and wash the band separately.

Velcro Loop

You might be required to remove and tie the Apple Watch to your wrist several times a day. Hence, you need to look for a belt mechanism that makes the whole process easy.

A Velcro loop is the best option for a sports band, as you can untie and tie the watch to your hand in a few moments. Besides, the Velcro loop has a firm grip and reduces the chances of the Apple Watch falling off your hands. Also, you can constantly adjust the tightness of the sports band to your liking.

Wide Variety of Colors

There are hundreds of colors, and every person has a favorite. Therefore, the sports band should be available in a variety of colors like red, two-tone red, white, grey, olive-grey, teal, indigo, blue, black, green, khaki, to name a few. The availability of wide varieties in color will allow the user to pick one or more sports bands for their Apple Watch and use them as per their fashion needs.

Fits Apple Watches Perfectly

Apple Watch is available in two sizes: 1) 41mm / 40mm / 38mm and 2) 45mm / 44mm / 42mm. The sport band should perfectly fit both Apple Watch sizes without any modifications.

To sum up, these are the tips you can follow when selecting a sports band that will suit your Apple Watch.

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