Here’s How You Can Take Your Business to The Next Level with Promotional Products

Here’s How You Can Take Your Business to The Next Level with Promotional Products

Promotional Products


Looking for new ways to make your business stand out from the competition? Accentuate your SME by using promotional products to your advantage.

Promotional products represent a wonderful way to help people recognize your brand. You can apply promotional branding to white-label products of popular selling items. For example, you might have had a fidget spinner with your logo when those toys were in trend. You might have had a popper with your logo on or even designed an item of clothing. However you do it, promotional products like t-shirts and keychains all help your brand reach new clients.

What’s a promotional product?

Promotional products reference any product your business can emblazon with your logo and branding. It could be a standard product that you sell every day. Adding your promotional materials to this item which you know is in demand, can help you to spread your brand’s reach further. As we all know, the average customer must see your branding about seven times before remembering it. Once they do remember it, you can start building on customer loyalty. A promotional product range, therefore, becomes the ultimate tool to help spread the word about your business and the great products it provides.

How to use promotional products to your advantage?

You can use promotional products in two main ways. You can sell them as usual or give them to loyal customers for free.

Paid promotional products

A paid promotional product is an item you brand with your logo and then sell. If you have a particularly striking logo, this can work well. If you don’t have that cult-style following yet, you might find giving these products away do you better than harm.

Free promotional products

The best example of free promotional products and their effect on the consumer is in fresher’s week at any given university. Beer brands send keyrings, t-shirts, beer mats, and other promotional products emblazoned with their logo to the student bars. They give these out to the students, who love the free products. Students are also twice as likely to wear a t-shirt sponsored by their favorite beer brand as anyone else is. During this singular week of promotions, students form lifelong attachments to the brands they love. Getting in on this is a great marketing tactic.

The benefits of promo products

How do promotional products help set you apart in business? Here are the benefits to convince you:

  • They spread reach
  • Promotional products make it into homes and businesses
  • They build brand loyalty
  • They can make great uniforms
  • They attract repeat business
  • They improve your ROI in marketing
  • You have complete control over their design

What’s the value of promotional products?

We leave you with this final thought: promotional products lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers lead to brand growth. You are 14% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one. That is not a statistic you can afford to ignore.

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    Promotional products can be a great way to get your brand noticed. There are a number of ways to use promotional products to your advantage.

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    Another way to use promotional products is to put them into your advertising. This can help you to reach your target audience.

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