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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): 5 Ways To Prevent This Deadly Condition

  You’ve probably heard of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the unexplained death of an infant less than one-year-old. It’s also dubbed as “cot death” or “crib death” because most of its victims were found in their cribs. The exact cause of this life-threatening and deadly condition is still unknown. However, most health experts link.. [Read More]

8 Best Foods to Boost a Mother’s Breast Milk Supply

Nursing mums always have tons of questions running through their minds. The need to provide nothing but the best for your baby always drives you to the limit. In the process, self-doubt might creep in as you wonder whether you are doing good enough. Am I giving my baby enough milk? Does my body produce.. [Read More]

How To Take Care of Infants With A Fever

  If you think your baby feels warm, check his or hers temperature and if it is over 100 degrees, undress the baby, or just remove some layers and take it again in 10 minutes. Infants that are sick requires one of the best treatments in the world. Newborns have very immature temperature regulators and.. [Read More]

CiPU Diaper Bag Gorgeous and Bountiful – The Only Diaper Bag You Will Ever Need!

  Ahhh the search for the best diaper bag.  A diaper bag that doesn’t scream baby.  For some reason many diaper bag makers don’t think outside the box.  Not everything needs to be pastel blue, pink, yellow or green.  Some of us love adult colors; adult designs.  CiPU figured that out and they do their.. [Read More]

How to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep with a Brand New Baby

How to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep with a Brand New Baby By Kathleen Tomes, President of Brilliant Products Intl.   More babies are born in August than any other month of the year. Experts attribute this end of summer baby boom to the year before when cold winter temperatures naturally kept people inside. Then.. [Read More]

A Busy Mom’s Secret Weapon for a Clean House

By Kathleen Tomes, President of Brilliant Baby Products   Busy mom and nursing student, Shannon B., from Missouri is juggling it all on a tight budget and a hectic schedule.  Like most millennial moms, Shannon is overwhelmed trying balance work obligations, school, spending time with her children and husband, having a social life, and finding.. [Read More]