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Mounjaro – Part Two – Recommendations and Solutions

As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. I began taking Mounjaro injections on 10/31. As of this post, I have been using Mounjaro for 11 weeks and have lost 33 pounds. Weight loss has pretty consistently been two to three pounds a week. No, I haven’t exercised. Yes, I know if I.. [Read More]

Mounjaro For Weight Loss – Part One

Mounjaro for weight loss

This is my first article in the Mounjaro series. I will dive into the medication, tips to avoid specific symptoms, favorite products, and more. Stay tuned for future articles in the series. Each year, the weight-loss industry develops new technology, medicines, or “hacks” to help accelerate weight loss. Mounjaro was a new name in 2022… [Read More]

Stuck with Your Weight Loss? Try Drinking Coffee to Burn More Fat

Have you run into a plateau with your weight loss? If so, maybe it’s time to turn on the coffee machine and start roasting those fat cells. Here’s how. A cup of Joe can do more than fix up your morning. According to weight loss experts, it could help you burn more fat throughout the.. [Read More]

Week #2 The Holidays Are Here – Personal Trainer Foods #PersonalTrainerFood

  So heading into the holidays I had the best of plans… How hard should it be to stay on plan over Thanksgiving?  I can have as much meat and vegetables as I want.  Well it proved to be harder than I anticipated.  That’s the bad news – but there is good news.   First.. [Read More]