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The Convenient Window Bird Feeder

We just love outdoor “stuff”.  All around our property we have wind chimes and bird houses.  The kids love to fill the feeders and love to swing the chimes while they are walking around the yard.  There are all sorts of bird feeders around – we have some on the deck, some on posts throughout the yard and now we have this window feeder.

This feeder is perfect.  The kids can easily fill it because can be placed at their level and it is really super easy to feed.  Since it stays on a window (and can be moved from window to window) it is easy to access during the winter.  Right now we officially have snow on the ground and trying to reach, much less fill, our feeder that is in the middle of the yard on a 25 foot pole is not really possible or practical.

The Window Bird Feeder arrives in several pieces:  The circular main body, the food insert, rubber bumper for the food insert (for the bird to stand on) and three suction cups to secure to a window.

Simply slide the rubber bumper on to the food insert, then slide the food insert into the circular body. There is a lip on the base to keep the food insert securely inside.

Place the suction cups into the holes and slide them up; moisten them and stick to a glass surface.  To change locations simply slide the entire feeder up and off the suction cups then remove the suction cups and put it wherever you’d like to move it somewhere else.

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