Key Benefits of SMS Marketing

When you run a business, you have all sorts of different areas of marketing and promotion that you need to juggle. Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas is SMS marketing, but in truth, it can play a vital role in your overall messaging. Here, we are going to be looking at some of the key benefits of SMS marketing to show what an impact it can have.

Direct and Immediate

Unlike some ads that you are putting out into the world without much of an idea whether or not they are reaching your intended target market. However, this is not the case with SMS marketing, which is both direct and immediate. For this reason, many businesses are looking to enlist the support of agencies such as to help out with the overall effort. SMS messages are read within 10 minutes in 90% of cases, so you have a good idea that they are reaching their intended recipient.

Support and Integrate with Other Channels

SMS marketing does not have to exist in its own separate universe. In fact, it can actually be supportive of the other channels that you are using and be highly effective at integrating with them in many ways. For example, you can send through a link to your web address reminding customers about a sale that you are having or a new product that has just been released. Simply reminding your customers that you have sent out an email can go a long way towards getting more people to actually open it up.  SMS is also a great way to facilitate payments or recover the outstanding debt, by embedding a link to a mobile payment gateway.

Get Customer Feedback

SMS marketing is one of the most effective channels out there when it comes to getting customer feedback. Again, this links back to the fact that it is a direct marketing channel that people tend to take action on. On the other hand, emails can be easily ignored and overlooked. When you are able to get more customers to answer your surveys, it is more likely that you are getting a representative picture of what is going on.

Increase Customer Engagement

SMS marketing can be highly useful when it comes to increasing customer engagement, but your promotional team needs to remember that not every piece of information is relevant in this format. Customers are not going to appreciate being bombarded with texts, but if it is relevant information that they are likely to take action on, it can be highly useful.

Track and Improve Campaigns

Effective marketing is all about tracking and improving campaigns. SMS allows you to do this better than some of the other main channels out there. You can monitor delivery rates and also see who has taken action on what you have put out there. Ultimately, the better the campaigns that you are creating, the more likely it is that you are going to generate a better return on your investment.

SMS marketing campaigns certainly have their role to play in modern businesses, and these are just some of the ways in which they can be effective.


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