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Facts About Importing Dogs to the United States

A number of special documents from multiple organizations may be necessary when importing dogs to the U.S. The exact documents depend on several factors that include the method of travel, origin, destination, and the dog’s breed. Working together with these agencies when planning to move dogs into the U.S. from other countries can help make.. [Read More]

What You Need to Know to Keep a Clean House with Pets

Taking the fact, it is a challenging responsibility to own pets, particularly dogs and cats. Aside from it adds a load of home cleaning tasks also adds discomfort for family members who are sensitive and allergic to fur, pet hair, particularly young children. That is why it is essential to understand the ways to keep.. [Read More]

Restless Puppy? Three Ways to Calm Them Down!

Puppies are so perfect. Well, when they’re not having accidents everywhere, or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, or begging to play in the middle of the night. Let’s rephrase that: puppies are pretty much perfect. The puppy blues don’t just apply to your four-legged friends — they can apply to you too! Sometimes your precious.. [Read More]

Top 3 Reasons German Shepherds Make Great Pets

If you’ve been looking for the perfect furry friend to call your next pet, you may have been wondering whether getting a pink papered German shepherd would be right for you and your family. German shepherds have been a popular dog across the world for decades, and for good reason. Between their intelligence, typically good.. [Read More]

Pro Tips for Training Your Dog

Besides twice-daily meals, regular grooming, shelter, and socialization opportunities, proper training is essential in ensuring your furry friend’s well-being. Therefore, if you already have a pup at home, or you’re in the process of purchasing one, make arrangements for training sessions. Doing so will promote good behavior and help you raise an obedient, happy, and.. [Read More]

Energetic Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts

There truly are no two dogs that are exactly alike, but dog breeding is definitely a major factor when determining activity level. For instance, many herding and working dog breeds tend to be quite active, and thus, these high-energy dogs need both mental and physical exercise to thrive. Not everyone can handle this level of.. [Read More]


Proper nutrition and a good diet underpin your dog’s health and well-being. Yet when it comes to choosing the right food for your dog, the answer is not always clear-cut. With a range of feeding options, brands, and ingredients, it can often be daunting for dog owners with an abundance of information to navigate through.. [Read More]

CBD Oil For Dogs: What Are Its Health Benefits?

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility that requires enormous amounts of effort and patience. When you decide to become one, you need to invest time and money in buying your dog’s basic needs, such as food, supplements, and toys. You will also have to tweak your schedule to find time to regularly visit.. [Read More]

Joint Care For Dogs – 3 Ways You Can Help Your Dog!

Since the dawn of civilization, dogs have been the most faithful pet to humans. The playful nature and friendly companionship of dogs fill your home with happiness. Some even say that these loyal creatures are more humane to us then the fellow humans. Your pet dog understands your pain and melancholy. It will do everything.. [Read More]