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Saving Money in 2023 PLUS Free Printable Savings Planner

Saving Money

Savings are essential to a successful financial life. It is important to save money, even if it’s not easy. This will help you in unexpected situations and emergencies. Savings are necessary in many situations, including emergency pensions, unemployment, and the death of family members. Savings are not just for bad situations. You can use the money you save to.. [Read More]

SafeOpt Reviewed 2022: How Does SafeOpt Save Shoppers Money?

‍In today’s digital world, users are more cautious than ever before. As a result, many shoppers have become wary of providing their personal information to websites they’re visiting for the first time. This is especially true regarding websites selling products and services related to finances and healthcare. That being said, many users are also highly.. [Read More]

Teaching Teens About Finance – Made Simple With Golden State Partners

As a mom of five children from 14 – 32, I have had to teach about finance several times.  Each time is a bit different – as times change, so does financial lessons.  Years ago lessons were heavily focused on checkbooks and balancing them.  Nowadays there really is almost never a need to write a.. [Read More]

Credit Card Debt – Derby Advisors, How To Get Rid Of It!

How Credit Card Debt Happens – Derby Advisors Getting into debt is so easy.  We don’t really plan to do it, it just happens.  Perhaps the kids need new shoes, then clothes, then braces, and you know the house is gonna need a new furnace.  There is always something that requires money – and never.. [Read More]

5 Smart Strategies With Credit Cards – Tuck Associates

There have been a couple times in my life where I was drowning in credit card debt.  The first time was a result of major medical issues and bills and adopting three special needs children with many needs.  We were far younger than we are today and I don’t think the spending would have changed.. [Read More]