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The Uses of and Effects of Financial Technology on Our Lives

The Uses of and Effects of Financial Technology on Our Lives

Fintech expands, automates, and simplifies pathways for accessing and processing information, transactions, and decision-making. It includes but is not limited to mobile payments, crowdfunding platforms, international money transfers, blockchain and cryptocurrency, consumer banking, and robo-advising and stock trading. Consumers have come to expect easy access to their bank accounts on a mobile platform. FinTech has.. [Read More]

Saving Money in 2023 PLUS Free Printable Savings Planner

Saving Money

Savings are essential to a successful financial life. It is important to save money, even if it’s not easy. This will help you in unexpected situations and emergencies. Savings are necessary in many situations, including emergency pensions, unemployment, and the death of family members. Savings are not just for bad situations. You can use the money you save to.. [Read More]

Eliminating Debt in Canada – An Expert Weighs in on How You Can Become Debt Free

An Expert Weighs in on How You Can Become Debt Free

Authored by Athena Nagel Eliminating debt can be a daunting task, but it’s crucial to your financial well-being. If you’re struggling with debt in Canada, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, the average Canadian has over $20,000 in non-mortgage debt. Ed Rempel, a fee-for-service financial advisor, has provided individual financial plans for thousands.. [Read More]

How I Save Thousands In Six Months – And You Can Too!

This post contains affiliate links Save When You Need to Spend Money Clip Coupons Now this isn’t the top item on my list because it is my favorite.  In actuality it is my least favorite.  I find it to be very effective but it is also very time consuming to do it properly and consistently. .. [Read More]

8 Tips for Lowering Your Health Insurance Costs

  Health insurance is a necessity in modern society, but it isn’t always the most affordable thing out there. The good news is that it’s possible to lower your health insurance costs with a little luck and a lot of planning. If you’ve been pinching your pennies this year, here are just eight tips for.. [Read More]

SearchRX Saves Me Money Every Time!

This post is sponsored by SearchRx   Prescription costs are constantly increasing.  This can be a significant issue if a person doesn’t have adequate prescription coverage, no prescription coverage or the medication is not covered by your insurance.  Another scenario is that the consumer is simply being very aware of just what their insurance plan.. [Read More]

Our Secret Tip To Save Money – Saving For Our Next Trip To Florida

I enjoy life – unfortunately so much about daily living requires money.  We all want an unlimited amount of income but it just is not realistic for 99% of the population. In order to do the things we want to do and have the things we want to have (such as 3 horses) – we.. [Read More]