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Learning Finance through Play: A Review of Mortgage Calculator’s Educational Games

Finance can be quite challenging for children (and adults) to learn and master. But we all know that games make learning fun and interactive. For example – games to learn a new language are extremely effective. The same holds true for finance, and money games at Mortgage Calculator do just that – make learning fun.. [Read More]

Balancing Health and Wealth: My Steps Towards Fitness and Financial Freedom

Balancing Health and Wealth

Life requires balance, and I’ve found the key to its fulfillment lies in managing two crucial areas – health and wealth. Today, I am happy to share my journey toward fitness and financial independence: an adventure filled with obstacles, learnings, and success! Starting Point: An Alarm Clock My journey began with an awakening: when I.. [Read More]

5 Crucial Financial Metrics Every Investor Should Know

With rising financial literacy, millions have started exploring the markets in the finance sector. Some view these markets as a way to mint money, whereas others want to establish a passive income flow. Either way, making investment decisions can be exciting yet intimidating, especially if you like taking risks. So, how do you navigate these.. [Read More]

6 Skills Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Have

Developing a successful entrepreneurial career calls for a specific set of skills and abilities. Although there is no surefire formula for success, certain skills greatly improve the chances of aspiring business owners. In this post, we will look at 6 important skills that any prospective business owner needs to be able to deal with the.. [Read More]

Eliminating Debt in Canada – An Expert Weighs in on How You Can Become Debt Free

An Expert Weighs in on How You Can Become Debt Free

Authored by Athena Nagel Eliminating debt can be a daunting task, but it’s crucial to your financial well-being. If you’re struggling with debt in Canada, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, the average Canadian has over $20,000 in non-mortgage debt. Ed Rempel, a fee-for-service financial advisor, has provided individual financial plans for thousands.. [Read More]