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Waffle House vs IHOP: Which Restaurant Do Most People Prefer?

Which Restaurant Do Most People Prefer?

Waffle House and IHOP are very similar brands, and so it’s natural that people compare them to one another. They’re both famous breakfast restaurant chains, and they serve breakfast menu items all day. They both even came out in the 1950s as well. It may be argued that IHOP is more popular than Waffle House,.. [Read More]

Keto Friendly Pancakes – Low Carb and Delicious

One of the things I have been missing most on our Keto journey is breakfast other than eggs.  I love eggs – or did… But they have been a main staple for several weeks and well, the novelty is wearing off.  Funny thing is when I wasn’t on Keto I really didn’t care for things.. [Read More]