6 Staples Every Woman Should Own for Work

6 Staples Every Woman Should Own for Work

After you’ve graduated college and started preparing to enter the workplace, it can be a little intimidating figuring out what to upgrade in your closet. The ratty jeans you’ve had since high school may feel like an old friend but they’re definitely not doing you any favors. Whether you’re entering a corporate environment or a more casual startup, it’s important to understand how to dress professionally. In addition, you can probably take some cues for the office dress code based on what other people in the office are wearing.

Unless everyone is wearing suits, for example, a business-casual dress code is a safe bet. Dark jeans, slacks, blouses, and cardigans will likely make up the majority of your closet. But those aren’t the only articles of clothing you should own, especially as you start building to more senior positions in your career. Below, we’ve gathered some basic work staples every woman should own so she can become a girl boss.


A dark-colored blazer is essential. Avoid going the fast-fashion route and invest in a well-made blazer that you can use for interviews and client-facing positions. Plus, you can easily dress down a blazer as well with jeans or another basic layer. Blazers can be used for a layered casual look or paired with matching slacks for those days when you need to show the world you mean business.

Interview and business meeting dress

For interviews and business meetings, first impressions matter… a lot. Dress to impress with a black or navy sheath dress. Make sure that it’s tailored to your body, so you don’t look too boxy. Consider adding a fun belt for flair but otherwise, keep it clean and neutral.

Professional flats

High heels are ideal for days when you want to feel a little taller and don’t have to walk much. But for everyday needs, flats are the better choice. Choose comfortable women’s flats that you can wear day after day. Choose a pointed-toe flat if you want a more polished look, a rounded-toe flat for a more casual aesthetic. Make sure they’re walkable and a neutral color to maximize their outfit potential.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is a great garment to have in your closet because it’s almost universally flattering. Choose black or grey and pair with a bright blouse for an easy, go-to work outfit. Pencil skirts elongate the body and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. Use a blazer to dress it up or pair it with a cool graphic tea for a more casual look.


Office AC wars are not a joke. It might be 90 degrees outside but inside your office, you’re going to feel like you’ve been dropped off in an Arctic tundra. Instead of complaining about your hands freezing solid, make the cold environment a fashion opportunity. Keep a cardigan on your desk or in your desk drawers. Stick to neutral colors so that it will match whatever your outfit happens to be that day.

And if that doesn’t do the trick, consider investing in a space heater to place under your desk – at least your legs will be warm!

Work bag

It’s time to say goodbye to your backpack you’ve been relying on for all your college classes. Instead, opt for a leather bag. Sure, it’s going to be a splurge but it’s a worthwhile investment that will last you through many jobs. It should be big enough to fit your laptop, water bottle, lunch and whatever else you need to carry around on your commute and beyond.


Working won’t always be fun but at least pickimg out your wardrobe and planning your outfits will be a new, enjoyable part of your life. With these tips in your back pocket, you’re ready to be the girl boss you’ve always dreamed of. Remember to stick to conservative lengths; past your knees for dresses and sleeves covering your shoulders. Think about neutral colors so you can maximize the amount of clothes you can mix and match. And don’t be afraid to invest in great, statement pieces that will last you ten times longer than a piece of fast fashion ever would.

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