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Chew and Xena Enjoying A Nice Cool Day

Xena loves to be brushed.  She will sit there in the nice warm sun enjoying her brushing for hours on end!   Yup, still enjoying her brushing   She tends to dig holes for herself and then lies down in them. This particular one has a much deeper hole by her head and she put.. [Read More]

Tomato Festival in Danielson CT

Today we were able to attend the Tomato Festival in Danielson CT.  Our town has so much to offer families and this is just one of those events.  Of course there are plenty of things to buy at the festival but there is so much for free – especially for kids.  Today there were free.. [Read More]

Time to replace our very old playset

I have been putting this off for several years now but my kids need a new playset. We have kids from 9 through 27 so our current playset has lasted a very long time. However, the youngest two children still use what we have – we need a new one. The current set is so.. [Read More]

Another Back To School Day

Like so many others, I have two children heading back to school today.  There are so many changes this year and I am far less ready than my kids are.   Sephora has a great opportunity this year.  Her second grade teacher was the perfect match for her.  I never thought we would have that.. [Read More]

A Day of Beaches in Maine

We started the day at Pine Pine Beach in Scarborough Maine.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids met some new friends from Canada.       After four hours the kids and I went to Old Orchard Beach in Old Orchard Maine – spent some time at Palace Playland.   Ended the day.. [Read More]

Hair Dye and Chlorine Don’t Mix

  My hair is naturally black – black as can be.  However, as I have gotten older it is no longer black.  And after 5 years of chlorine, sea water, sun and more – it became blonde blonde.  It didn’t matter what I dyed it – it was still blonde.  I can sometimes get it.. [Read More]