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How To… Prevent Winter Hoof Ice Balls

  I will chalk this post up to – oh the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.  Hoof ice balls?  That’s a real thing.  One year ago I did not own horses – so I had definitely not been through a winter season with them other than the kids have a lesson twice a.. [Read More]

TEN Ways My Life Has Drastically Changed By Owning Horses

  June 2015 our daughter started taking horseback riding lessons – from day one we said we will never buy a horse… September 2015 our son started taking horseback riding lessons – we said we will never buy a horse… December 2015 we started partial leases on two horses – we continued to say we.. [Read More]

Easy DIY Equine Hay Basket – Save Hundreds of Dollars!

  These big boys came to be part of our clan in August.  When we feed them hay outside – just about a bale or more at a time – they tend to stomp all over it.  The hay gets stomped into the mud, blows away with the breeze and it seems like we waste.. [Read More]

A Horsey Weekend – All Weekend Long

  Our Horsey Weekend started Friday night after work.  We started running right from the time we left work through 4pm today.  One thing after another – nonstop.   We already own a horse for our daughter – she has been riding for a little over a year and is pretty active in competitions.  She.. [Read More]

Good Apple Equine Consignment – Ocala Florida @GoodAppleEquin1

  We recently took a trip to Florida for some business and part of that business included checking out some unique shops.  Good Apple Equine Consignment was one that we were fortunate to find in Ocala Florida.     They are an exclusive equestrian consignment shop in Ocala Florida – they have everything to meet your.. [Read More]