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A Weekend of Sadness – The Loss of Our Beloved Thor

Sometimes life just surprises you.  Sometimes it is good – and sometimes, well you just wish you could go back to bed. Three years ago we purchased this awesome belgian draft horse for our son Anthony.  His name was Jack at the time but we changed his name to Thor immediately.  He just never seemed.. [Read More]

Equine Supplement Bucket to Trick or Treating Bucket

My kids actually go trick or treating several times each year.  We own a camper so we camp seasonally and the season includes two early October Trick or Treating weekends.  By the time actual Halloween comes along it is pretty much a non-event. Since they trick or treat three times at least, it is pretty.. [Read More]

Supply Storage Strap – The Answer To So Many Needs

We own horses and they have outdoor fields and indoor stalls.  They spend most of their time outside but in poor weather conditions they have stalls to go into.  When you own horses there is never enough storage space and when you do store things they need to be out of the way so horses.. [Read More]

How Will I Best Display My Horses? With Easy Canvas Prints Of Course!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and We own four horses – and absolutely love them to death.  Sure they are so much work – every single day, 365 days a year.  Occasionally we have some sort of family crisis that results in us needing assistance but in general, we absolutely work with.. [Read More]

Adding A Little Zen To My Workspace

  Everyone who knows me, knows I love horses.  I have a very demanding job by day and everyone tries to add something to their workspace that offers a little bit of peace and tranquility.  For me, that means adding an equine terrarium, a couple other decorative touches and a pair of silk fern plants… [Read More]

Safe Trail Riding On The Roads

One of our absolute favorite things to do with our horses is trail ride.  We have two thoroughbreds and two draft horses.  They all have special characteristics that we know we need to watch for when riding.  But ultimately we can only control our horse the best we can – we need to prepare for.. [Read More]

DIY Equine (Horse) Insulated Water Buckets

This post contains affiliate links This is our 2nd winter with horses – last winter was pretty mild and there were a few days where I needed to deal with frozen water buckets in the stalls but not entirely frozen solid and not for more than a few days.  This winter is horrid – absolutely.. [Read More]