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Krill MAX Fish Oil for Dogs

Our dog is definitely our best friend.  She is amazing and absolutely gorgeous.  Like so many people who love their pets, we love to spoil her.  She definitely doesn’t make it easy though. Xena Lee is a giant breed Landseer Newfoundland – 9 years old.  We have so many routines that she participates in with.. [Read More]

Shed Defender Makes Allergies No Longer A Problem

My husband has always wanted a newfoundland and for years I put it off because I was afraid of the allergies and issues.  We did eventually get one – her name is Xena Lee and she is such a wonderful member of our family.  My allergies have been a constant struggle though.  Between she and.. [Read More]

Get Your Pet Cared for by an Abbotsford Vet

It’s great to have pets like dogs and cats around you because they can be amazing companions. These animals can bring happiness to your home and they can give your kids a sense of responsibility. If your pet is having health issues, you can’t help it but get emotionally affected, right? This is why you.. [Read More]

HOW TO MAKE A PET DOOR? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

  Today we talk about the comfort of pets. After all, they, too, are full members of the family, for which a comfortable interior is created. Summer is coming to an end, warm nights will soon become rare, and even if your pet loves to spend the night outdoors, he may feel discomfort. Surely many.. [Read More]

Xena’s Adventures In Petlandia – A Gift For Your Best Friend!

If you have children I am sure you have purchased a personalized book (or two, or ten) in their lifetimes.  We certainly have.  But we also have always had dogs – right now we have a Landseer Newfoundland – Xena Lee.  She is definitely the princess in our house with all her toys and treats… [Read More]

Every Dog Is A Star @Purina – Why Is Your Dog The Star of Your Family? #BHDogShow #PurinaPartner

  Purina is running a program right now called “Every Dog Is A Star”! Our dog is a STAR because she loves her family – truly she adores us.  There she is sitting on the red carpet with the kids!  She has got to be touching one of us all the time. Here favorite place.. [Read More]

BarkBox Toys and Treats #BarkBox

This girl is the princess in the family.  Yup – she is true royalty… This is Xena Lee and she just finished celebrating her 8th birthday.  She is a very happy dog – and we love her dearly.  She has a great deal of energy and loves collecting her “babies” translated to dog toys… One.. [Read More]

Valentine’s Day for Pups!

Don’t you just love your animals?!  They devote their lives to us and our happiness and ask so little in return. Meet Xena Lee – she is a Landseer Newfoundland.  Some are more white than black but she is more black than white.  I love her black spots on her white.  She even has one.. [Read More]