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8 Easy Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

This is a quick checklist of marketing tips to market your small business (or in my case – my blogs): Take every opportunity you can to network – the connections are invaluable.  They could end up being customers, followers, readers or sponsors.  It goes without saying but I will – treat absolutely everyone with respect.. [Read More]

Top 10 Tips for Working Moms PLUS Giveaway #ad

  Did you know, according to ResourcefulManager online, women are now the primary or co-wage earners in nearly two-thirds of all American families? In stepping into these critical economic roles, ladies have continued to excel at all levels of higher education as well. Between 1994 and 2012, the number of high school females going on.. [Read More]

5 Fun Facts about Panasonic Air Conditioning Units

5 Fun Facts about Panasonic Air Conditioning Units Panasonic are one of the world’s largest electrical device producers. The company was first founded in Osaka, Japan in 1918 and have since transformed technology with their innovative electrical devices that have moulded the necessities in which we require to go about our day to day lives… [Read More]

Hot Spot Relief For Your Dogs – Relief for Their Suffering

This is NOT a sponsored post.   Our English Mastiff (is gorgeous if I must say so myself) suffers frequently from hot spots.  I hate those things.  They wreak havoc on her body and they are difficult to get under control.  No sooner do I get one under control and another develops.  My poor girl.. [Read More]